Mark Andrew Webber with his Paris maps


Born in Reading, England, studied Graphic Design at Reading college, and University College Falmouth.

I enjoy varied interests, and try to travel when I get the chance. I love arriving in a new city, and staying in a youth hostel to meet new people. Exploring a city, with new people is always an exciting prospect. It seems like a lot of the works I do, tend to be based around collecting a lot of “something” so that could mean layering lines, to collecting typography in a city. I seem to like overwhelming things, that when you look at, can provoke some kind of awe. I’ve not been greatly conceptual in the art i’ve made, i’ve been very much more focused on just playing with aesthetics and having fun experimenting with different media.

I like working on large scale projects. This gives me a sense of peace, as I know what I have to do every day, and can work away on the thing at hand. I also like to come up with ideas, and see them though, not really worrying about how long they could potentially take, or what problems I might arrive at later. Like with this linocut Map series i’ve been working on. I can chip away at it day by day, whilst listening to audiobooks, and its a rather nice life whilst the work is happening, as each day is set up, and I can feel a great sense of accomplishment at the end of it.

I have a great interest in science, scifi, futurism. This has not really reflected itself it much of the work I do, though the line works have some geometry type thinking about them. Also the thoughts of complexity from simplicity, as some of them, have been based on rules.

I keep distracting myself with various art projects, and getting a kind of tunnel vision where I do not end up doing anything else when the project is on.

I do like the smaller projects, day projects I set myself, for playing around with shapes, or trying something new out i’ve not done before.

I run a life drawing group at every Wednesday evening- an amazing art Charity and studio based in Reading, England. It was here that I was given the opportunity to use a great space, in which I Carved my Berlin map over the space of 5 months. I would not have been able to complete the map without their help in lots of various ways.

Commissions, Publications, Grants & Awards

Commission by Courvoisier – Revolutionary Spirit city map

Silver Cube Award – Art Directors Club of New York

Commission by Crafts Magazine front cover design – printed directly from linocut carving
Commission by International Society of Typographic Designers for ‘My City, My London’

Selected Exhibitions


Wonderlust – London Newcastle Space – London


Mtv Redefine – Art Auction – Dallas, Texas, Usa =

Big ass Linocuts and Linomation – Margate

Big ass Linocuts and Linomation – Oxford

High roller society – London


Stichting Papageno Art Auction – Netherlands 
AAF Spring 2011 – London

Future Tense group show – London
AAF Spring 2010 – London
Blueprint Magazine DPS

State of Play Magazine group show – London
Smokey’s Tangle group show – Oakland, California
Courvoisier group show curated by Ed Bartlett & Lucy Johnston – The Future Gallery, London
The Art of Lost Words group show – London

Small Works, Big Ideas – AWP Gallery, New York