Linocut Map series

Marks Linocut series has been a long journey of development. He has with each new piece tried to increase in complexity and detail. This was not so significant at the start, but turned into more of a feature of the map after the second map (London) was completed. 

Mark says "I have been attracted to large amounts of complex information for quite a while, its overwhelming and feels like awe. knowing that I enjoy this feeling has been what has pushed the work on, creating work that is increasing in scale and detail with each new piece. Due to this self imposed rule, the work is taking more and more research, to the point where the data collected will be able to become a work of art in itself. The documentation of the whole journey from start to finish with my next project "Tokyo" will play a crucial role in what gets created after the 4-6 years I will be working on the project. The outcomes will vary, and will be many. I will not be explaining the full extent of the idea for the project here, but I can say that the next project is going to be a Linocut to the scale of 4 Meters X 4 meters. 

I have not let logistical problems dictate to me what the final piece will be like. People say things like: Why do you not make them smaller and easier to make - This thought does not seem to interest me so much, as I want to make something that Is a challenge, something that will push me to limits I have not experienced. my most recent map, which is one full piece of linoleum 3.4 meters x 1.74 meters, has not been cut into smaller pieces, is not easy to transport as it has to be kept flat.

I hope people get enjoyment from these maps. Many people have their various reasons for enjoying them, quite a few seem to be about attachment to the places included in each map, the memories that have been formed and the visual aesthetic. I experiment with the Linocuts once they are created to try out what the linocuts might look like in various styles, I try to see what materials might be able to work. This is quite a playful time, which I like to be quite spontaneous with.

I aim to keep going with this series, to not let it stagnate, by creating lots of similar looking pieces, but to keep pushing it, I have much hope for the future, and it excites me to think about what directions it will take"