Creating artwork - A journey to now

Hello to anyone that might be reading this. I am currently being rather nostalgic about all the artwork I have done in the past 14 years. As I have been backing up my photo archive. Featuring this London map on the post, as it seems to be my most popular image made to date (for which I still have some prints left!).

It seems as though I neglect to really revisit or talk about quite a lot of the things I am either doing or have done, other than creating posts on instagram with which I only write a little about the work being made.

I am thinking about still posting there, but also creating longer writing about thoughts and what i’m working on here, with a lot more pictures that focus on process and documentation. 

Many of the things I have done, and have the documentation for, just sit unorganised with not much writing, badly shown on an instagram post, as a small square. So over the next few months. If i manage to find time with an already loaded schedule I hope to make some posts, talking about the various adventures, process failures and successes.

It has been a lot of up and down, I have also had periods of time of not focusing on the printmaking so much and working on other things like lifedrawing. I will write about it all, I just need to figure out how to group the various things I have done. I think having a loose chronological order will make sense. I might try to aim to do one post a week, and release it on the same day every week. This way It will be feasable to write a little bit each day, or when I find time, and then release it. 

Also I am hoping that this will give me some time to reflect about some of the reasons behind what i’m doing and try to figure things out whilst writing. Will no doubt be very much stream of conciousness style of writing like this, as i’m not much of a writer, so might not be an interesting read. 

If people do stumble upon what i write and show, possibly some inspiration might happen, or insight gained to help them experiment and try some things out.