Naked Series

This project was initiated by Emma Wright, Publisher of The Emma Press . She publishes poetry and we were exchanging emails, one of which I included some new linocut prints and of which she thought might suit a poetry book she wanted to put together for Jacqueline Saphra

We decided to make this a collaboration, and generate some new works in a similar style. Jaqueline came to my studio and read her poetry out whilst I came up with visions and thoughts from the poetry. We went through the poetry a few times, and she took the notes of what I was saying. At the end we had quite a few series of notes, and I had thoughts starting to form.

An image showing some of the Linocuts inked:

Jaqueline left and I set about over the next few weeks, generating ideas whilst doing some other things, and made about 100 Monoprints. So it turned out to be a rather large series. This was then narrowed down to the best ones which feature in the book.

The Collaboration won a Sabateur Award for Best Collaboration work, which included Benjamin Tassie for music made to go with poetry readings of the book.